How To Use And Connect To Fitdays

We pursue progress, not perfection. We hope you will feel proud when you open Fitdays and see your progress, because it will keep you motivated and responsible.

1.📱Download 'Fitdays '

2.👤Register users

3.🌐Connect to device

4.✅Measurement data and trend chart

5.💁Set up and share

Where to download 'Fitdays '

Download the APP "Fitdays" from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Fitdays provides the faster and more accurate insight into body compositions, and helps with health management for better life.

About Fitdays 👇

Fitdays, the painstaking effort of ICOMON's App development team which integrated more than 30 years experience of the weighing measurement industry, the App has been upgraded iteratively for more than 5 years in the Big Health Data. Verified by more than 3 million users worldwide, it has a variety of scientific models.

Measurement data and trend chart

Track how your 15 health metrics improve over time when you build the habits that lead to your goals.

The APP "Fitdays" provides detailed trend charts of 15 measurements to track the changes of your body composition over days, weeks, months or even years. Clear data graphs give you a clear view of your body change, enable you to reach your goal in healthy way.

Clicking on each indicator will provide a reference value interval. You can use this reference value to judge whether your fitness goals need to be adjusted.

👉Place the scale on the ground on a hard platform when using it for the first time. In order to get more accurate information.
❄️Measure on the scale with bare feet, the measurement data will appear on the scale and APP page.

Studies indicate that overloading exercise will harm the heart, it is necessary to monitor your exercise heart rate during exercise. 

Set up and share

Data sync and share your progress

The scales for body weight syncs the data with your smartphone. View your body composition on the “Fitdays” App. Then the data also can be synchronized to Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit automatically. You can share your daily exercise which affects your body composition to your social platform.

📣Syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit and many more!

⭐In the settings, you can
📲Open the application that needs to be synced, such as Google Fit;Fitbit;SamsungHealth
📲Click the share button on the detail page to share the data to your social platform
🔹Set your target weight value
🔹Change the template color
🔹Choose various languages
🔹View FAQ

More Function Modes

Baby Mode

A reliable weighing scale is a great choice to accompany the growth of your baby. Open Holding baby mode, weigh adult first, and hold your baby in hand to weight. Then the App screen will show the baby's weight.(Note: Baby mode can only measure baby weight. Body composition measurement only for people above the age of 16).

Athlete Mode

Athlete mode is suitable for adults who have long been engaged in physical activities or who regularly exercise more than 3 times a week(only applicable to people aged 18 and above).

Bluetooth Connection&Start Measuring

Please turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone. When you stand on the body fat scale, the data on the APP changes, indicating the measurement starts(Please lightly tread on the scale to wakeup the device before you measure). The weight unit(kg/lb) can be changed on the back of the scale or on the APP.

Progress Tracking

The app provides detailed charts of 15 measurement values and saves historical data to track the changes of your body composition over days, weeks, months or even years. Clear data graphs give you a clear view of your body change, enable you to reach your goal in health way.

24 Users for One Single Scale

Fitdays App allows you to create 24 Users for your family and friends with only one smart scale. The memory chip built in the smart scale can store 24 sets data and automatically recognize them as soon as they step on the weight scale. Automatically recognizes the person based on the person’s weight while allowing a 2kg /4.4 lb weight shift.

Please Note: 

If you have a pacemaker or other internal medical device, we don't recommend you to use any products that adopt BIA technology.

  • Please make sure that your device meets the following requirements:
    ✅iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running IOS 8.0 and above.
    ✅Android 4.3 and above and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Do not step off the scale until all icons on the screen stop flashing or the App prompts that the measurement is complete.
  • If the display screen does not show any readings, please try to wet the soles of your feet and measure again.
  • Scale is a high-precision measuring device. Do not jump or stamp on the scale. Do not disassemble the scale. Please handle the scale carefully to avoid breakage.
  • Place the scale on a hard, flat surface during use. Using the scale on a soft surface like carpet or linoleum may affect the accuracy of the scale readings.
  • To ensure measurement accuracy, please gently step on the scale to wake it up and wait at least 10 seconds before measuring on the scale. You need also wake up the scale if it has been moved. Take your measurements at the same time each day to ensure the most accurate results.

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