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1. How to activate the scale when first use?

  • Lescale F4 & Lescale F5(Lescale LITE): Activate and Turn on by pressure sensor;

  • Lescale F6 (Lescale MAT) & Lescale P1: Please press "reset" button next to the USB port to activate the scale, then Turn on by pressure sensor.

Note: Lescale F6 (Lescale MAT) & Lescale P1 are set to shipping mode when it leaves the manufacturer to prevent it from being turned on during transit, which will diminish the lithium battery's life. Therefore, when you receive the products, you must first activate the device by pressing the button. IT will turn on by pressure sensor when the shipping mode is turned off.

2. How to change unit from KG to lb?

  • Lescale P1: Change unit in the Vihealth APP, Profile → Unit Settings → Weight

    Note: Make sure to change it when the Vihealth APP is connected to your device.

  • Lescale F4 & Lescale F6 (Lescale MAT): Change unit in the Fitdays APP, Account → Settings → Switch units → Weight units.

3. How to measure the body composition accurately?

  • Step on the scale with bare feet. Body composition cannot be analyzed when having shoes or socks;

  • Keep the soles of your feet are dry and clean. Make sure the surface of the scale is smooth and free of foreign objects;

  • Place the scale on a flat, hard surface. Carpeted or uneven floors may affect accuracye;

  • Stand steadily on the scale. When the value in the App stabilizesor the value on the scale screen flashes three times, the measurement is complete;

  • Make sure that you stand on the correct electrode area;

  • Make sure to enter the correct height and age in order to calculate body composition. For people under 16 years old, the scale can only measure body weight and BMI.

4. Why does the weight fluctuate in a day?

  • The way you eat, drink and exercise in your daily life will have an impact on your weight, so your weight will fluctuate slightly at different times in a day;;

  • It is recommended to take measurementsat the same time every day to better track changes in weight;

  • The best time in a day to weigh yourself is 30 minutes after getting up in the morning to avoid weight changes caused by diet and physical activity.

5. Why the scale is producing inconsistent weight?

  • Check whether the scale is on a hard, flat surface;

  • Check each sensor foot on the back to make sure nothing is stuck to the bottom of it;

  • Remove the batteries to restart the scale.

6. What should I do if the scale doesn't turn on?

Remove the batteries and put it back. Make sure to insert the batteries in the correct direction; Change new batteries once the batteries are out of power.

(If your scale is USB rechargeable version, please switch off the power, and switch it on again. Charge the scale once out of power)

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