Note: Please press the "reset" button next to the USB charging interface to activate the scale when first used, 

then turn on the scale by pressure sensor.

Lescale P3

Instruction Video

Get Started

1. How to download the APP?

  • Search "Fitdays" in App Store or Google Play;

  • You also can scan below QR code to download the APP;

  • Download and install the App on your device;

  • App will indicate you to turn on Bluetooth, and turn on GPS & location permission if your phone is Android system when you start the App.

2. How to connect the scale and the APP correctly?

  • Make sure the network for your phone works well, also Fitdays with network permission;

  • Register an account by email;

  • Enter correct personal info, including gender, height, age;

  • Make sure Bluetooth for your phone is on, and GPS & location is on if your phone is Android system;

  • Step onto the scale to turn it on, the home page will show “Connected” means auto paired successfully. If shows “Disconnected” on home page, please Click Account---> My device to pair the scale.

3. How to measure body parameter data correctly?

  • Make sure home page shows “Connected”;

  • Keep the App on home page or click Measure;

  • Gently step onto the scale with bare feet. Stand straight on scale and uniformly touch the electrodes with bare and dry feet;

    (Note: If stepping on the scale with socks, only weight and BMI will be measured and displayed on the main page. To get complete data, please step on the scale with bare feet.)

  • The number on the display is flashing when the scale is weighing and analyzing.

    (You phone will receive all the body parameter data after shows “ Finished” under weight.)

4. Why netork is necessary for the APP using?

The Fitdays App will help you save all the history record during measuring via server.

So it need network for following operation:

  • Register & Login account;

  • Add new user or revise user info;

  • Pair & Delete scale device;

  • Revise Setting menu.

Instruction for Fitdays App

1. What is the meaning for home page info?

2. How many parameter data can I get from the scale & APP?

Heart rate

The average heart rate for healthy adults is 60-100 bpm. Most people fall within the 60-80 range, with women's heart rates leaning toward the higher end of the spectrum.

Cardiac index

Evaluation of cardiac function status. unit: L/min/㎡


Weight can be considered an indicator of overall health.


Body mass index, international standard : BMI=body weight(kg)/height(m)squared.

Body fat

The proportion of adipose tissue versus muscle in a body.

Muscle rate

Muscle rate is a ratio of the human body obtained by combining the total amount of human muscles, body weight, height, ect. The range of this value determines a person's physical health and strength. 

Fat-free body weight

After body fat, muscle mass is the 2nd most prominent factor in body weight.

Subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous dispose tissue (fat) lies between the dermis layer (skin) and fascia layer (connective tissue).

Visceral fat

visceral fat is a kind of body fat. Different from subcutaneous fat, it surrounds the organs and is stored in the abdominal cavity.

Body water

Water weight is the weight of fluids that collects in your tissues and causes them to swell.

Skeletal muscle

The human body is made up of number of muscle tissues.

Muscle mass

Weight of all muscles in the body, including skeletal muscle mass, myocardium, smooth muscle, moisture, etc.

Bone mass

Bone mass is a measure of the amount of minerals (mostly calcium and phosphorous) contained in a certain volume of bone.


Proteins are one of the building blocks of body tissue and can also serve as a fuel source.


The amount of energy that the human body must consume to sustain life while being on an inactive state.

Body age

Ideal body age= actual age*2/3.

3. What other special functions for Fitdays?

  • Body weight mode function;

  • Height record function (Under 16 years);

  • Heart rate monitor, body balance tracking;

    (Only when scales support these two functions that you can check above functions)

  • Sync with Apple Health, Google fit, Fitbit,Samsung Health.

4. How to switch units?

  • Touch button on backside of the scale to switch units: kg and lb, and some model support st unit also;

  • After selected unit for scale, App will automatically sync the unit according to the scale;

  • If there is not any unit button on scale backside, please switch the unit via the App Unit menu;

    (The specific operation is subject to the usage manual.)

Measurement FAQ

1. How many electrodes does the Lescale P3 have?

Lescale P3 is equipped with 8 electrodes (4 foot electrodes and 4 hand electrodes), which can measure 5 segments of your body individually, including your left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, and right leg. It provides the most complete assessments ever offered and helps you to break down your health goals to specific parts.

2. Do I have to keep my arms separate from my body during the measurement?

Yes, you must separate your arms from your body during the measurement process for the accurate results.

The multi-frequency five-segment measurement method used by the Lescale P1 divides your body into 5 cylinders, including your right arm, left arm, torso, right leg and left leg, to measure the corresponding impedance value.

When there is no gap in the underarm area of your body, the arm is actually in contact with the upper body, widening the path of the current and thus reducing the impedance. In other words, the measurement of the torso will include part of the upper arm.

Likewise, if the thighs are not kept apart when measured in shorts, the impedance of the lower body is reduced. This difference in impedance measurements can lead to inaccuracy in body composition measurements

3. Do I need to keep my arms straight during the measurement?

Yes, measurements must be taken with arms and legs straight for accurate measurements.

Generally, the length and cross-sectional area of an object will affect the resistance, and objects with a longer length and a smaller cross-sectional area will have more resistance than other objects. In other words, the resistance value of the current passing through a straight cylinder will be different from the resistance value of a curved cylinder.

So, if the measurement is taken with your arms or legs bent, the impedance value of each body part of yours will decrease as the conductor length decreases, which will result in a decrease in the body fat percentage measurement.

4. How often should I take a whole body measurement?

In general, we recommend taking full body measurements twice a week or every other week to effectively track your test results. Frequent checks are good, but it's also important to keep track of your body's long-term changes with proper measurements and consistent testing.

5. Why are the measurement data of your eight-electrode body fat scale and your four-electrode body fat scale different?

For people with large differences in physical fitness between the upper and lower body (such as having long-term intensive upper limb exercise), it is recommended to use an eight-electrode body fat scale for measurement, and the results will be more reliable. For other people, continuous use of a four-electrode body fat scale for body fat tracking is generally sufficient. In addition, the eight-electrode body fat scale requires higher operating posture and habits than the four-electrode body fat scale.

If you encounter a situation where the measurement data is too different, you can first confirm whether you belong to a group of people with different upper and lower body exercise conditions. If you do not belong to this group, please check whether your posture is standard when you measure it on the eight-electrode body fat scale, and whether your physical condition is normal (measurement is prone to deviation in the case of bathing, exercise, massage, cold, etc.)

6. Why is the measurement data of your eight-electrode body fat scale different from the measurement of other brand’s body fat scales?

In general, different brands and models of smart scales use different algorithms to calculate body weight and other body composition metrics. Due to these differences, it can be challenging to determine which scale is more accurate than others.

Therefore, it's essential to understand that while the measurements provided by a smart scale are helpful, they should be used as a guide rather than an absolute measure of your body composition. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that can influence the measurements, such as hydration levels, time of day, and the user's posture.

We recommend using a single scale consistently for tracking changes in body composition over time rather than comparing measurements from different scales. This will provide a more accurate picture of any progress you make towards your health goals.

Our eight-electrode body fat scales adopt the FullBody-ALG algorithm, which has high accuracy. The ‘correlation’ of the Lescale P1 reaches 0.96-0.985, which is already considered to be a very high level among products of the same level on the market. ("Correlation", this term is an important indicator often used in body composition research to assess the accuracy of measurement, generally the closer the index is to 1, the higher the accuracy).

Error Indication

1. What is the meaning for "Disconnected" on home page?

Means app do not connect with scale yet, please check below:

  • Make sure network for your smart phone is workable.

  • The scale must be on status, and smart phone must be Bluetooth on.

  • Check iOS & Android version of your smart phone, it must be iOS 8.0 & Android 5.0 or higher.

  • Check connection status for home page: Connected or Disconnected.

    Please Click Account--->Device--->My device to find and pair the scale once Disconnected showing on home page.

2. What is the meaning for "LO" for the display?

Please change new batteries when you see “LO” on the scale display, which means batteries are out of power.

3. What is the meaning for "Err" for the display?

  • Please step off the scale when it shows “Err”, to avoid damaging the scale, which means overload.

  • Please notice the max capacity is 180kg(400lbs).

4. What is the meaning for "C" for the display?

  • An error during measurement, when “C” symbol shows on display.

  • Please step off the scale and step onto it again to repeat the measuring process.

5. Why no body fat data measured when weighing?

Please follow below steps when measuring:

  • Keep APP on home page.

  • User must be bare foot and stand on metal part if there are metal parts.

  • Make sure your feet and the scale are both dry.

  • Scale finishing weighing when the number display is flashing (Keep standing on the scale around 5-10 second until the number on the display stops flashing).

  • Bluetooth should be turned on.

  • Bluetooth is paired with a difference scale.

6. Why the scale is producing inconsistent weight?

  • Check whether the scale is on a hard, flat surface.

  • Check each sensor foot on the back to make sure nothing is stuck to the bottom of it.

  • Remove the batteries to restart the scale.

7. Why the App is displaying incorrect fat-muscle ratio?

The body parameter setting is incorrect, check to make sure you entered the correct gender, height, and age.

8. How do I re-calibrate the scale after moving it or changing the batteries?

Step on the scale to turn it on. Let it automatically drop to 0.0 lb(KG) to calibrate.

9. What should I do if the scale doesn't turn on?

Remove the batteries and put it back. Make sure to insert the batteries in the correct direction; Change new batteries once the batteries are out of power.

(If your scale is USB rechargeable version, please switch off the power, and switch it on again. Charge the battery once out of power)

App Functions

1. How to change personal information?

  • Click Account, and select the target user ;

  • For main user, also can click the profile picture on Mine

  • After revised, click Confirm to save info.

2. How to connect Google Fit?

  • Click Account--->Setting to find Google Fit.

  • Enable Google Fit on the page to log in with your account or register a new one.

  • After connected successfully, the data will upload to Google Fit every time.

Note: Only after you finish the measurement, that you can check the corresponding body parameter data for that day.

3. How to connect Fitbit?

  • Click Account--->Setting to find Fitbit.

  • Enable Fitbit on the page and log in with your account.

  • Click “Allow” on the shown website to finish the authorization.

  • Please keep the Fitbit button on the APP and the network available.

Note: Only after you finish the measurement, that you can check the corresponding body parameter data for that day.

4. How to connect Apple Health?

  • Download “Health” on your phone if needed

  • Click Account--->Settings--->HealthKit Setup Instructions to see the breakdown of connection.

  • Select the target data to synchronize with Apple Health.

Note: Only after you finish the measurement, that you can check the corresponding body parameter data for that day.

5. How to delete wrong history data?

  • Click Chart--->Click to view all data, select the target data

  • Slip it to left and click Delete.

6. How to compare body parameter testing data?

A type:

Click Chart--->Recent/Week/Month/Year to compare in a period of time

B Type:

  • Click Chart--->Click to view all data.

  • Click the "+" at the upper right corner--->Contrast.

  • Select and add two pairs of data you want to compare.

  • Click Contrast on middle below.

7. How to use baby mode for weighing?

  • Click +--->Baby mode on the home page.

  • Stand on the scale to test the adult weight first.

  • When the data on scale stop flashing, step off the scale, then hold the baby and test together.

  • After finished, the scale will calculate the baby weight and remind to set a new account or ask to manually recognize the data.

Note: For user under 18-months-old, App will enter into baby mode automatically when measuring.

8. How to share body parameter testing data?

  • Click +--->share on the home page.

  • Or Click More Data on the home page and find the share signal to send.

If sharing the comparison data:

  • Click Chart--->click to view all data, select and add two pairs of data to compare.

  • Click Contrast on middle below and find the share signal to send.

9. How to delete user?

  • Click Account and select the target user;

  • Slide the user to left and click Delete to clean the data

10. How many users can I add for one account?

  • One account can add 24 users and 1 visitor;

Note: For visitor, App only shows three body parameter data: Weight, BMI and Body fat rate. And data can not be recorded.

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