Welcome to Lepulse Rewards Program

By joining this program, you will receive LeCredits for every purchase of the body fat scale made at lepulsefit.com. LeCredits are redeemable for special discounts and rewards. We’ve added a ton more ways for you to earn and boost your savings as a valued member.

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How It Works

Step 1. Get Your Account Ready

Sign up or log in to your Lepulse account to start earning LeCredits on your purchases

Step 2. Earn LeCredits

Earn 10 LeCredits for every $1 you spent at lepulsefit.com

Step 3. Get Rewards

Turn your LeCredit into rewards and redeem coupons for future purchases. 

100 LeCredits = $1

Ways to Earn LeCredits


300 LeCredits

Celebrate a birthday

300 LeCredits

Place an order

10 LeCredits for every $1 spent

Like on Facebook

50 LeCredits

Share on Facebook

50 LeCredits

Follow on Instagram

50 LeCredits

*we will keep you updated if there are more ways unlocked for you to earn LeCredits.*

Turn LeCredits into Rewards

Refer A Friend & Get Rewarded for Both

We would love to share our smart body fat scales with more customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are LeCredits?

LeCredits are earned credits that can be redeemed for rewards and used at lepulsefit.com for the body fat scales collection.

Who Can Join This Reward Program?

Generally, every customer, including guests, can earn points, redeem rewards, and refer friends. But we recommend you to create an account to better manage all your LeCredits and rewards.

How Do I Earn LeCredits?

LeCredits are currently earned by making a purchase of the body fat scale collection on lepulsefit.com. Every time you place an order, you’ll get 10 LeCredit per $1 USD spent. And more LeCredits can be earned by joining those special events we’ve created for you on the reward program launcher.

What Can I Spend LeCredits On?

Once you’ve earned LeCredits, you can spend them at lepulsefit.com. Currently, you can redeem your LeCredits for exclusive discount coupons and apply them on your checkout page for purchasing the body fat scales.

How Can I Refer A Friend?

Simply click the “Referral” option on the “Rewards” launcher, generate your exclusive purchase link, share the link with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Your friend can get an amazing 15% off coupon. And once he/she completed that first order, you will get a 15% off reward coupon to use at your next purchase!

A Few More Things You Should Know

  • LeCredits will be issued to your Lepulse account. It’s very easy to check your LeCredits balance and rewards. Simply log into your account, and click on the program launcher.

  • Rewards coupon redeemed cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • 100 LeCredits are the minimum amount required to redeem for a reward.