The best Health gifts to buy in the Black Friday Sales

The best Health gifts to buy in the Black Friday Sales

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It's that time of the year when merchants have the craziest sales, are you ready with your Black Friday shopping list? It's a wise decision to stock up on some of your family's health essentials during this big sales holiday. In this blog today we will introduce you to some healthy gifts worth buying for you or your family this sale holiday - body fat scales. All of these body fat scales are available for 15%-20% off during Black Friday, with savings of up to $30. The following campaigns will be in Valid between November 17th and November 27th in Amazon stores. Don't miss it!

Lepulse body fat scales have been welcomed by many users around the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, etc. It helped them to connect with thousands of Fitness lovers, bringing health and care to their valued supporters.

Their smart body fat scales are built with extraordinary design, luxury engineering and uncompromising quality. That's why they are ranked relatively high on Amazon. Below you will see several of the main products under this brand so you can make a decision based on your requirements. And you could click here to see more product details and get them on their Amazon shop. 

# Best Seller

This is the best-selling model of this brand. With its unique and innovative large screen design, Lescale F4 has shaken up the market for whole body fat scales. 

First of all, It can deliver 15 measurements from BMI to heart rate, muscle mass, etc, giving a comprehensive understanding of your body. Additionally, it has all the features you need - high accuracy (down to 0.2 lbs/0.1 kg), and a free health APP to store your data and track trends, synchronize data with other fitness APPs for health management anywhere, allowing up to 24 users to use it. 

The most special feature of this scale, of course, is its screen. Lescale F4 comes with a sleek all-glass design with an 4.86'' extra large LCD screen to give you a quick glance at your weight-related data even without your phone nearby. Plus, the data will be immediately uploaded to the APP when the phone is next connected, so there is no need to worry about data loss. 

This is the ideal option if you need a comprehensive, accurate, easy-to-use and affordable body fat scale. Save 20% between Nov.17 - Nov. 27. Don't miss it!



#New Upgrade

The Lescale F4 Pro is our top pick, as it offers a significant screen upgrade without costing much compared to the Lescale F4. 

Yes! Since F4 has achieved good market feedback, they’re back again and excited to announce the Lescale F4 Pro that rethinks the large screen digital scale. It's an entirely new experience.It has a major upgrade on screen based on the best-selling model-Lescale F4, while the other features are largely the same. 

You can now see the recent trend changes of your major health metrics displayed on the screen in a smarter manner! Additionally, you have the option to add or delete parameters from the display to draw attention to specific ones. You won't find a model identical to this body fat scale on the market. 

I highly recommend this product if you want to be the first to have a positive weighing experience. Also it is now being promoted aggressively with 20% Off discount. Why not seize the opportunity to take it home?



#Professional Level

If you frequently go to the gym or hospital, you're no stranger to the InBody scales. InBody is the industry benchmark in the field of body fat scales. With that said, Lescale P1 - this professional 8-electrode body fat scale is the perfect replacement for the Inbody scale at home. 

It is basically the same as the InBody scale measurement principle. The 4 electrodes located in the handle of Lescale P1 interact perfectly with the other 4 electrodes on the scale surface. When you start measuring, two harmless currents with different frequencies will pass through your body. 

It utilizes segmental BIA to measure 5 segments of your body, including your left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, and right leg, finally outputting a comprehensive analysis report with 20 body parameters. You can rely on this report and divide your exercise program into specific parts based on this to accomplish your physical goals more efficiently. Add to cart now and save 15% on Black Friday. 



#The Limited Edtion

This is another upgraded product of the professional body fat scale. The difference between it and the P1 is that the display of the P1 is on the scale, while the P3 has moved it to the handle. Using an ergonomic design, the display of the Lescale P3 is mounted on the handle so you can get a clear view of your essential body measurements at a glance by looking ahead instead of looking down. This is really a great change that changes the weighing experience.

Lescale P3 goes beyond weight by providing you with more actionable insights into that number you see on the scale. It offers you a comprehensive body composition analysis report which can be shared or printed for you to check each of the 20 measurements and know where you should focus your health efforts, such as upgrading your daily routine, creating new habits, or simply getting better sleep or nutrition. 

Save $30 on your P3 during the Black Friday sale. Give yourself a supreme wellness journey experience!



#Featured Choice

Annoying searching for a body weight scale with high capacity? Use Lescale S5 instead.

The Lepulse 550lb/ 250kg extra-high capacity digital bathroom scale is excellent for someone who wants to track weight loss, heavyweight or plus size people!

  • Sturdy enough for 8mm tempered glass, and no need to worry about shattering at all. Great digital scale be used in bathroom.
  • Easy to keep balance when weighing for the heavier and wider base. And it fits all size feet.
  • Super simple to set up and use the auto-on / auto-off scale, no more bending over to turn on/off the weighing scale.
  • Easy to read your weight for the larger digital display. What's more, the digital weight scale gives the convenience of monitoring and tracking weight and BMI via the app, without squinting or asking others to see the reading.

What's more, compared to ordinary bathroom scales, this scale can also be connected to your smartphone to record your body changes. The daily price of Lescale S5 is$39.99, and you can enjoy an additional 20% discount during Black Friday.



Finally, the Lepulse body fat scale’s Black Friday event page is attached. Please go to the venue’s homepage to view more detailed event content. You can choose any of them based on your specific needs. Hope you enjoy the scale and healthy life!

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