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Body weight is not the objective standard of obesity, BMI is. Therefore, the essence of weight loss should be to lose fat, not lose weight.

If you only pursue weight loss, you may lose water or muscle in your body. If you lose water in your body, your weight will regain after water replenishment, in this way you can't really lose weight nor have a good shape.

If you lose muscles in your body, that’s even worse. Muscle consumes calories several times more than fat everyday, people with more muscle have a more vigorous metabolism, which can help the body consume more calories. When the body muscle percentage gets low, the body's basic metabolism will get slow, people tend to get fat easily.

On the contrary, if you increase the body's muscle content, the body's metabolism will naturally be improved. Isn’t it much easier to lose weight? You can see that muscular men eat more than ordinary people, but they only develop muscles and no excess fat. Muscular men have higher metabolism not only because they eat healthier, but also because of their high calorie consumption. Improving the body muscle rate and reducing fat accumulation are good for improving body metabolism.

Strength training can help you shape your muscles and improve your body's muscle mass, so you need to do more anaerobic exercise to burn calories and reduce fat accumulation.

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Aerobic exercise is recognized as a fat-consuming exercise, which has an distinct effect on reducing weight and reshaping body. However, aerobic exercise has both pros and cons. Low and medium intensity aerobic exercise not only consumes fat, but also consumes part of muscle, that is, at the cost of reducing body metabolism.

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In order to reduce the muscle loss of your body, you need to do more weight training. You can also improve the intensity of aerobic exercise. The higher the intensity of aerobic exercise, the less muscle loss. For example, you can change jogging to variable speed running, rope skipping, etc.

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