October 17th, 2022

Home fitness has been in our lives for decades – and it’s taken on a new role since the Covid-19 pandemic closed gyms around the world.

Now that we’re spending more time at home. We could not travel, eat together, go shopping, or go to the gym as freely as we used to. Therefore, for those who stay at home for a long time, in addition to eating and drinking, we also need to exercise regularly at home to take care of our physical and mental health.

Whether it’s a yoga class on Zoom or buying a Peloton, we need at least try to find ways to exercise effectively within four walls.

Below, we've sorted out 8 exercises that experts recommend for weight loss at home. Let's take a look together.

Best Cardio Exercises to Do at Home

No.1 Jumping Rope

Harvard Medical School lists jumping rope as an effective calorie-burning cardiovascular activity. It is also a good way to lose weight. In general, a 155-pound person burns about 744 calories and a 190-pound person burns about 888 calories per hour of jumping rope.

Jumping rope is a very simple exercise and it does not have high requirements on the venues. With just one cord or cordless rope, you can start your weight loss and body sculpting anytime and anywhere.

However, the impact of jumping rope on the knee joint is relatively large. It is best for you to use the method of one day every other day during this type of exercise, so that our knee joint has a gap for buffering and rest.

No.2 Shuttlecock Kicking

Shuttlecock Kicking is a traditional sport, originating from China, in which players aim to keep a shuttlecock (or feather ball) in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (but not hands, similar to football).

It is not only one of the easiest aerobic exercises, but also a good healthy weight loss exercise since it involves movement of the whole body. If you want to lose weight quickly, but do not want to do a lot of exercise, then this exercise is recommended.

A shuttlecock is light and beautiful, you can also keep it at home as a decoration.

No.3 Jogging in Place

Jogging in place is a simple and effective exercise to elevate your heart rate, improve blood sugar levels, and burn calories and fat, all of which help with weight loss. You'll also boost cardiovascular function, enhance lung capacity, and improve circulation.

To perform, bounce lightly from one foot to the other. At the same time, swing the arms from side to side.

Best Anaerobic Exercises to Do at Home

No.1 Plank Hold

Plank hold is a very classic core exercise.

To perform, bend over when exercising. Use your elbows to support your body in the early stage. Keep your lower back straight and your body in a straight line from head to toe, and tighten your waist and abdomen at the same time. Breathe evenly during the process.

No.2 Mountain Climbers

As a compound exercise that utilises multiple muscle groups in your whole body, mountain climbers are an effective way of strengthening your arms, back, shoulders, core and legs.

Another benefit of using multiple muscles at once is an increased heart rate, which will help you burn more calories.

To perform, lean over to support the body with your both hands, and straighten the legs back. And then, keep your lower back straight and your waist and abdomen tight. Then alternate legs forward to the knees. Breathe evenly during the movement.

No.3 Squat Jumps

Squat jumps come with so many benefits. It can effectively build our buttocks and leg muscles, boost aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, improve body’s mobility and balance.

This exercise consumes a lot of energy, which is very effective for burning fat.

Get started in a standing position, keep your back straight, and squat down with your knees bent until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then, get up and bounce upwards with explosive force. Repeat the squat with your knees on the ground.

No.4 Standing ABS Crunch

Your core is made up of a series of stabilizing muscle groups in your neck, shoulders, back, and abdomen. Standing ABS Crunches engage them all.

Adding this exercise to your workout routine helps to target the oblique muscles and tightens the entire side ab wall more effectively. It also improves your balance, increases strength and stability, and burns more calories than side crunches done on a mat.

This movement is relatively easy and simple, and can be used as an intermittent movement in the middle of your whole workout routine.

To perform, keep your back straight and your abs tight. Then, lift one leg up while turning your body, bringing your elbows and knees as close as possible, pausing at the top and changing sides.

No.5 Burpee Jump

A burpee is essentially a two-part exercise: a push-up followed by a leap in the air. Doing several burpees in a row can be tiring, but this versatile exercise may be worth the payoff, especially if you're looking for a way to build strength and endurance, while burning calories, and boosting your cardio fitness.

The training intensity of the burpee jump is very high, so it is suggested that you start with a few training times in the early stage.

To perform, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend down and squat, support your body with your hands and jump back and stretch your legs.

For men doing this exercise, you could add a push-up. Ladies can omit the push-up, and then jump and adduct the legs. Get up, jump up, and repeat.

Essential Training Principles

- Complete all 5 movements as a group

- Rest for 1-2 minutes between groups

Try the number of movements from less to more according to your physical fitness capacities, and rest for 15-30s between movements.

- In the early stage, train 2-3 groups every day, and then increase the number of groups and times after adaptation, and train 3-5 groups.

- Use a smart body fat scale to monitor your weight, body fat, heart rate and more composition changes and accompany you to reach your health goal.

- Finally, it is emphasized again that all exercises must be done gradually. If you feel unwell during training, please stop immediately and seek help from a specialist or doctor.

Even at home, let's keep moving. These exercises can not only help us lose weight, but also enhance our physical fitness, improve immunity. Let’s all stay healthy and say bye bye Corona!