Unleash Your Power on 
Women’s Health and Fitness Day

September 23, 2022

Health and fitness are two things that most women absolutely love. However, due to the high tensity of modern life, they usually become the last thing that comes to their mind after family and work. 

So, in order to increase the awareness about the importance of women’s health care, the National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of September, falling on September 28th this year in 2022.

Have you heard about this day and what you could do to celebrate? Let’s dive into more details below.

What Is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day?

The day was firstly set in 2002 with the commission to promote physical fitness and health awareness among women of all ages. It is the largest annual event of its kind in the country, with more than 500 local groups of women participating each year. You may see different events held anywhere, such as the senior centers, gyms, hospitals, parks, etc.

Thanks to the progress in the past 20 years, the world of women’s health and fitness has taken giant strides towards becoming more accurate and inclusive. Many women have gained the ability to live an active lifestyle, access to healthy foods, prioritize self-health in ways that are important to their personal growth. 

Why Do Women Need to Exercise More?

Women's experience of health and disease differ from those of men, due to unique biological, social and behavioural conditions. Especially after women get married and have children, they often have to face the double pressure of work and family.

Ofen many women are performing multitasks and this drains their inner resources. In the hustle of caring for others, they always forgot about themselves, leading to various problems in their body. Common symptoms are poor sleep, mood swings, weight gain, chronic fatigue, spine and joint weakness, hip muscle relaxation, etc.

Therefore, regular exercise and training for women can not only make the body more curvy, but also enhance the body's bone density, strengthen muscle endurance, improve metabolism and fat burning, and even prevent cardiovascular and other diseases.

What You Could Do to Make the Day?

What better way to represent strong women than through National Women’s Health and Fitness Day? Health covers all aspects of our life…mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual…just to name a few.

Health is a big word. It covers all aspects of our life, both physically and mentally. So, what could you do to celebrate this meaningful National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, make up your mind and kick start changes for embracing an active lifestyle in the following everyday? Here are ideas to try out.

Set a goal

Check your BMI, body weight, body fat, heart rate, etc to plan your fitness regime and intensity accordingly. Your goals don't have to be very big at the beginning, everything needs to be built up gradually, so it can be achieved slowly and step by step. Monitoring self-progress and finishing the mission in the end can be your best success.

Get your fitness menu

Fitness diet is a science and an important part of whether you can develop a long-term healthy lifestyle. Many of you may not know what to eat and how much to eat when starting training. In fact, as long as you know some simple principles, you can quickly formulate a fitness menu that meets your body's nutritional needs. (Extended reading: Benefits and Tips for Meal Preparing)

Find your workout buddy

Workout can be boring at times. What’s more fun than sweating at the gym with a bestie? It will allow you to not only focus on your social wellness but also maintain healthy relationships in the meantime.

Attend an local event

Various awareness programs are held all over the country every year and it’s guaranteed that you will find somewhere to participate. Simply go out and join thousands of other women in attending any of these events that fits you the best.

Get a check up

Early detection allows to correct deficiencies and prevents the development of serious health problems. By having regular health exams, you doctor can help you find problems early or before they even start and give you any medical advice needed to make sure that you’re taking good care of yourself.

Take your time for relaxation

Besides physical health, the condition of your mind, i.e, mental health, is also very important. Make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your spirits calm and positive, have good sleep, make a massage when you feel stressed out, and take pride in every little milestone.

What Are the Common Women Fitness Myths?

Will training too often turn into King Kong Barbie?

When it comes to weight training, many people have images of men with thick thighs and standing back muscles, which makes many women worry, "I'm afraid of training. too strong" to step into the gym.

However, the truth is that it's really difficult for girls to become "King Kong Barbie" after retraining. The reason why men can easily build muscle lines is due to the important male hormone - Testosterone (also known as male hormone). Although girls also secrete testosterone, it is only about 10% of that of men. So, even if you use heavy weights for muscle strength training, women will not gain as much muscle as men, and it is even less likely that they will become King Kong Barbie with all their muscles.

Is it possible to lose fat locally?

It’s a fact that women tend to accumulate fat in the lower body, and it is difficult to lose weight to the lower body even if they exercise and control their diet.

Most women go to the gym for training not only to make the lines tighter, but would also care about whether they can lose weight locally.You may have tried to get rid of leg fat by doing stretching and riding an aerial bicycle, but local slimming does not actually exist, because where fat is easily stored in the body is determined by genetics.

In other words, weight loss at which part is determined by genetics. We can't get rid of that fat by training a specific part of the body, and the best way to have beautiful lines is through proper diet control and strength training.

Will fat turn into muscle over time?

Many people think that as long as they train hard for a long time, the stubborn fat on the body can be converted into muscle, thereby achieving the effect of increasing muscle and reducing fat. But this concept is also wrong! Because fat cells and muscle cells are two different types of cells, of course they cannot be converted into each other.

If you want to gain muscle and lose fat, the fastest way is to first control the diet and exercise to achieve a calorie deficit, and then eliminate excess body fat, and then increase muscle mass through muscle strength training, so that you can have a healthy and sleek body.

In the end, we hope that no matter how crazy life can get, every woman can always be sure to prioritize your health, wellness, and fitness.