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Tracking your fitness has never been easier. The APP "Vihealth" provides detailed trend charts of 16 measurements to track the changes of your body composition over days, weeks, months or even years. Clear data graphs give you a clear view of your body change, enable you to reach your goal in healthy way, think of Lescale as a personal coach within your smartphone.


Live Healthier With Vihealth App

--Always Keep You Updated: Monitoring your body composition and keeping you stay connected with your health.

--Incredibly User-Friendly Operation: Super easy to use and navigate.

--Easy To Sharing: The APP allows to store historical data unlimitedly. It can share data with Fitbits, Google Fit, APPLE Health, Samsung Health and other fitness apps.

24 Users

Vihealth App allows you to create 24 Users for your family and friends with only one smart scale. It can automatically recognize them as soon as they step on the weight scale. Automatically recognizes the person based on the person’s weight while allowing a 2kg /4.4 lb weight shift.

Baby Mode

A reliable weighing scale is a great choice to accompany the growth of your baby. Open Holding baby mode, weigh adult first, and hold your baby in hand to weight. Then the App screen will show the baby's weight.(Note: Baby mode can only measure baby weight. Body composition measurement only for people above the age of 16).

Athlete Mode

The Athlete Mode is suitable for novice athletes, fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes, wrestling athletes and other athletes who are trying to achieve a better performance through targeted training, showing every improvement of your body condition with Lescale.(only applicable to people aged 18 and above).


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