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We all know that bodies are our life. But do you really know your body well? When we’re talking about the word ‘Center of Gravity’, will you think of outer space?  Lol, adjust back to your thinking and let’s see what it is for real.

1.What is the center of gravity of the body?

Generally, the action point of the resultant force of gravity on all the links of the human body (the whole human body) is called the center of gravity of the human body or the total center of gravity of the human body. 

Center of gravity is one of the basic parameters in the inertial parameters of the human body that can reflect the morphological structure and mass distribution characteristics of the human body, which can provide reference for sports, medical rehabilitation and other fields.

2.Where is the normal position of the body's center of gravity?

In a symmetrical standing posture with two shoulders drooping, the horizontal position of the body’s center of gravity is between the first and fifth sacral vertebrae, slightly higher than the frontal axis of the hip joint. 

If viewed from the left and right position of the human body, the center of gravity is in the sagittal plane (anterior and posterior section) close to the center of the human body, slightly to the right (because most of the liver is on the right side of the human body. And since most people are used to working with the right hand, the right upper limb of the human body is more developed and larger than the left one).

If viewed from the front and rear of the human body, the center of gravity is between the sacrum and the phalanges.

3.What’s the harm when your body center of gravity is off-center?

If we take the human body as a building, your feet will be equivalent to the foundation of this building. Thus, if the foundation is crooked, the main body of the entire building above has to make corresponding adjustments to the foundation. 

When the center of gravity of our body is deviated to one side for a long time, there are usually light and heavy feet when we’re walking. The force on one of our feet will be greater than that on the other foot. This will cause the shoe on the foot with the most force to wear out faster and can lead to unilateral heel pain due to the high heel force.

Besides, if our body’s center of gravity is pressed on one side for a long time, the pressure on the knee joint on this side will be relatively large, which will lead to the injury of our knee joints.

What's more serious is that the deviation of the body’s center of gravity will cause a series of changes in our postures.

For example, it can lead to pelvic tilt, that is, one side of your pelvis will be higher and the other side will be lower. Then, your lumbar spine will be tilted to the higher side of the pelvis to maintain the balance of the entire body. In the long run, it will cause scoliosis, and further high and low shoulders will appear.

At this time, your neck will be tilted to the shoulder-high side. The muscles around your shoulder joint will all be unbalanced. Not only will it cause unsightly body shape, but it will also seriously affect our physical and mental health.

Therefore, the proper adjustment of our body’s center of gravity, whether from the perspective of fitness, rehabilitation or medical treatment, is very important.

4.How to judge whether your body’s center of gravity is off-center?

So far, we believe you have enough understanding of the harm of the deviation of our body's center of gravity on one side for a long term. Then, how do we judge whether our body's center of gravity is off-center? Below, we’ve summarized some common methods for your reference.

#1. Self-checking: Observe your standing posture

Put your feet together and let your hands hang down naturally. Observe whether your shoulders are higher on one side and lower on the other side, whether your pelvis is tilted, or and the space between your elbows and the waist is wide and narrow.


#2. Professional testing: hospital checking

Go to a professional hospital and take an X-ray or MRI of your spine, so that you can clearly see the condition of your spine and accurately determine whether the spine has scoliosis.

#3. Other methods: balance test with smart electronic scale

Using a smart body fat scale with the balance test function, you can also judge whether your body's center of gravity is off-center by testing whether the weight of your left and right feet is equal.

Special Tip:

The Lescale F6 body fat scale developed by our team is the first body fat scale on the market that can measure the left and right balance of the human body. It can accurately monitor 16 categories of your body composition data, including your:

  • Body balance
  • Body weight
  • Heart rate
  • BMI
  • Body fat rate
  • Fat-free body weight
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Visceral fat
  • Body water
  • Skeletal muscle rate
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Protein
  • BMR
  • Heart index
  • Body age

Among those data, the test of your body balance can help you determine the position of your center of gravity and guide you through the correct balance training to adjust your center of gravity to prevent scoliosis.

In addition, the Lescale F6 is stylish in design. With a double-sided glass structure, it can adapt to all-ground weighing needs. That means, whether you want to use it on wooden floors, carpets, or yoga mats, etc, it will work as a pro.

With the fabulous 5.3-inch VA display screen, Lescale F6 can display up to 8 categories of your body’s core data intuitively. Know the latest status of your body immediately when you’re on the scale without even bothering to check them again on the phone.

Click the link below to see more details about our Lescale F6 smart scale. Purchase it now and let's start focusing on our body center of gravity to maintain a healthier lifestyle today!

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