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Lepulse F4 Pro Large Display Smart Body Fat Scale - Lepulse
Lepulse F4 Pro Large Display Smart Body Fat Scale - Lepulse
Lepulse F4 Pro Large Display Smart Body Fat Scale - Lepulse

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Traditional scales only show your body weight, this new-gen product goes further. Powered with cutting-edge bioimpedance analysis, it can deliver 15 compositions of your body. Plus a 4.68-inch extra large LCD screen to grant you a quick glance at your weight, body fat%, water%, BMI, heart rate, muscle mass, body type, and change trends of different measurements. Truly hassle-free solution.

  • Health Trends On Large LCD Screen

  • 4 High-Precision G-sensors

  • Athlete Mode

  • Baby Mode

  • 15 Measurements

  • Heart Rate Monitor

  • Trend Tracking

  • Up to 24 Users


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  • 1 Year warranty

New-Gen Smart Solution 

Traditional scales only show your body weight, Lescale goes tons of steps beyond. With cutting-edge bioimpedance analysis, it can deliver 15 measurements from BMI to heart rate, muscle mass, etc, giving a comprehensive understanding of your body. It is your perfect companion on the way to reaching your health goals.

       Extra Large LCD Screen

See Your Key Measurements & Change Trends Independently

Lescale F4 Pro comes with a sleek all-glass design with an extra large 4.68'' LCD screen to give you a quick glance at your weight-related data.

After connecting the App to complete the first measurement, it can work independently for measuring your body composition and show up to 8 essential metrics on the easy-to-read screen. No hassle to check on your phone again.

Besides, the large display of the Lescale F4 Pro can also show your body type and change trends of different measurements directly, making it extremely easy for you to know what happened with your body and figure out what you could do to improve on a specific part.

Complete Body Assessment

Know Your Potential from 15 Dimensions

Wanna know where you are and what you can make for your health efforts? This has never been so easy with Lescale F4 Pro.

It provides a comprehensive 15 body composition measurements. These data points can help you upgrade your life by modifying your eating habits, altering or adjusting your workouts, and overall living a healthier life.

Heart Rate Monitor

Find Your Perfect Beat

Each person has her or his own physiology and fitness variations. Through running on a regular basis and monitoring your heart rate, Lescale F4 Pro enables you to find the correct average that is right for you, train at the right intensity with personal training zones, and set specific weekly goals. Guard your heart’s health.

High-Precision Sensors for Extraordinary Performance

Better hardware is the core of better data. Lescale F4 Pro is equipped with 4 high-precision G-sensors to provide the most accurate measurements of your body composition with division down to 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg). 

Plus, it comes with the advanced ITO tech, creating a much larger contact surface for you to start weighing immediately and fitting for all size feet.

USB Rechargeable

Choose Your Power Options at Will

Lepulse smart scale can be charged via Type-C cable (package included) , you can charge it with AC adapter, power bank, or laptop. The battery can last up to 160 days after fully charged if you use it twice a day.

Easy-to-Use App

A Complete Control on Your Palm

While the Lescale F4 Pro displays some key data-points on the scale's large LCD screen, it can also send and sync the data to the Fitdays app on your phone automatically via Bluetooth 4.0. Fitdays is your enhanced in-app experience and health improvement guide.

Besides, the Lescale F4 Pro supports syncing data to other fitness APPs, such as Fitbits, Google Fit, APPLE Health, Samsung Health, etc, for you to manage your health anytime, anywhere.

Every Milestone Deserves 

to Be Celebrated

Monitor Your Progress

Unlock Motivation and Get Empowered

The App Fitdays will keep a log of all your readings over multiple days, weeks, months, and even years to track the changes of your body composition. Alongside those metrics, you can get insights on the level of fitness your body is in and find out where you are on your path to the most suitable training intensity to reach your goals more easily.

24 Users on A Single Scale

Ideal Choice for Your Growing Family

Fitdays App allows you to create up to 24 profiles for your family members and friends on the same scale. It can automatically recognize the users as soon as they step on the scale, data will get logged accordingly and turn into graphs that are easier for you to understand. 

Setting your mission and achieving it together can be so much fun.

Athlete Mode

Training As A Pro

No limits should be put for getting a healthier lifestyle. 

Lescale F4 Pro gives you the flexibility for your growing ambitions. The athlete mode is suitable for adults who have long been engaged in physical activities or who regularly exercise more than 3 times a week (only applicable to people aged 18 and above). It can help you to achieve a better performance through targeted training.

Baby Mode

Capture Every Step of Your Little One’s Growth

Built not only for adults, Lescale F4 Pro is also a great choice to accompany the growth of the little ones in your family. Open the holding baby mode, weigh yourself first, and then hold your baby in hand to start weighing.

(Note: Baby mode can only measure baby weight and the data will be displayed on the app. Body composition measurement will be available only for people with the age above 16).

Real Review

Your Next Big Idea Starts Here

Always Keep You Updated

Monitoring your body composition and keeping you stay connected with your health.

Incredibly User-Friendly Operation

Super easy to use and navigate.

Easy To Sharing

Store your historical data without limit, or share your daily exercise progress to your social platform with ease.

Get Inspired


Product Name

Lescale F4 Pro



Display Type


Screen Size

4.68 Inches

Weight Limit

400 Pounds


10.94"L x 10.94"W x 1.06"H


4 AAA batteries included

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    Lepulse F4 Pro Large Display Smart Body Fat Scale - Lepulse
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