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Smart Breathing Exercise Device for Respiratory Muscle Training and Lung Recovery

Smart Breathing Exercise Device for Respiratory Muscle Training and Lung Recovery


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Benefits for Health

Help people with respiratory diseases restore impaired respiratory capacity and improve the quality of life.

Benefits for Sports

Getting oxygen to your working muscles is the most natural thing in the world, but with the right training you can boost your performance with every breath you take.

Benefits for Performing Arts

Good breathing techniques are essential to helping you perform at your best as an actor, musician, singer or dancer.

More Proven Benefits

Support & Relief For Respiratory Conditions Such As Asthma & COPD

Improve exercise endurance and enhance athletic performance

 Increases Lung Volume In 4 Weeks

Sleep Better & Reduce Snoring

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Suitable For All Ages

How does It Work?

Adaptive air flow resistance design

good balance between comfort and effectiveness

Like any other skeletal muscle, our inspiratory muscles can be trained to develop strength and endurance by an external load at a certain duration, intensity, frequency, or combination.

OPUMP is an innovative, precise lung training device.

It delivers a dynamically adjusted airflow resistance to our respiratory muscles (mainly the diaphragm and intercostal muscles). Strong, enduring respiratory muscles increase the efficiency of respiratory activity, slow down our breathing rate and heart rate, lower our blood pressure and improve sleep quality and energy level.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

  • We offer a 6-month satisfaction guarantee to try this smart breathing trainer. We know our devices work and want you to have confidence in trying our products now.

10 Minutes Of Training A Day

To feel the magical changes brought about by correct breathing.

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What is OPUMP?

OPUMP is a natural solution for better breathing, which measures your lung capacity with cutting-edge MEMS thermal hot film sensor and helps you train respiratory muscles with air flow resistance design. Besides, OPUMP App provide different breathing exercises courses and games to let your training more effective and enjoyable. Your IVC data and training results can be tracked in OPUMP App.

Why should I use OPUMP?

Whether you are a singer, a sports-lover, or someone who has a stressful lifestyle, you can benefit from OPUMP. With OPUMP, you can better understand your lung capacity and set achievable goals before training. And an effective respiratory muscles training will boost your physical performance, cardio endurance and bring balance.

How does OPUMP work?

Withing cutting-edge technology and smart App, OPUMP provide a full solution for you to know breath, train breath and control breath. Details as below:
·   OPUMP utilizes the cutting-edge MEMS thermal film flow sensor to detect inspiratory flow rate and volume in real-time, and give you the accurate IVC (Inspiratory Vital Capacity). IVC will be displayed on the product directly with LED lights, and can be tracked in the App.
·   With air flow resistance design, OPUMP add resistance to your breathing muscles while your breath in and out with OPUMP. Like other skeletal muscles, respiratory muscles undergo adaptation in response to stimuli overload during exercise training, thus resulting in significant increases of strength and endurance.
OPUMP App provides sessions for different purposes, including IVC testing, breathing exercises, enjoyable games, data record and process tracking. 

How often should I use OPUMP?

We recommend that you start training 2x5 minutes every day. We have found that 2x10 minutes per day is the optimal training schedule, but you should gradually work your way up to it. You will see results within a couple of weeks. Your breathing muscles are just another muscle group. You should always 'listen' to your body. If the training gets too intense, take a break.

When do I use OPUMP?

You can use OPUMP in any free moment – after a gym session, at work, before bed or whatever suits you best.  

Who can use OPUMP?

Whether you are a singer, a sports-lover, or someone who simply want overall better wellbeing, OPUMP will benefit you. OPUMP is helpful for individuals who look to establish a health breath routine aimed at improving sport performance, voice control, mood control, sleep, stress level and overall breathing health.

For now, the focus of OPUMP is on helping our customers improve their general breathing well-being. It’s important to understand that OPUMP is not intended for diagnosing or treating clinical health conditions. If you have, or think you have, a condition, you should speak to your doctor before you use OPUMP.

Is there an age limit for using OPUMP?

There is no age limitation to using OPUMP. However, the mobile app does not let you register if you are under 13. This is because your results are measured compared to an average of an individual the same age - there is simply no quantitative respiratory data on children below 13. That being said, you can still use OPUMP and all its features if you're younger, but the data will be compared to a 13-year-old.

If you are under 15, we strongly advise training with adult supervision.

What is respiratory muscle training (RMT)?

The pressing pressure, not measuring the same point, the angle between device and skin and the amount of coupling gel will affect the measurement result. It is recommended to pressing the device lightly to the skin when measuring, and try to measure the same point every time, and keep the device perpendicular to the skin.

Most versatile method: Resistance Training - inspiratory pressure threshold loading (IPTL) is by far the most commonly used, researched and validated method of RMT.  

What is inspiratory muscle training (IMT)?

IMT is a form of resistance (weight) training which strengthens the muscles that you use to breathe. When these muscles are strengthened regularly for a period of a few weeks they adapt, becoming stronger and being able to work for longer. You will also be able to exercise more without getting so breathless.